First Focus@Will cd/download concentration music album is released!

Exciting news! The first Focus@Will music cd/download album is released this week, ‘Electro-Bach Concentration Music, Vol. 1’.

It’s a unique baroque/electronica hybrid; 11 new recordings of selected Bach pieces arranged for string quartet, played by top LA and London session musicians, combined with specifically designed electronic dance music techniques by our platinum selling music production team.

Wanna work off line? Get your copy of this powerful work concentration music album here:

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Also check out the new associated Focus@Will channel, ‘Einstein’s Genius’ with many additional hours of ElectroBach music.

Here’s a 4 min video with more info about how this all came about!

Recording the London session players.

This album integrates 5 plus years of our large scale focus neuroscience research. It’s all about audio pulses, entrainment beats,  and of course great art!

Cutting strings at a top London recording studio with Music Chief John Vitale at the mixing desk. And yes, that’s the TV crew shooting the piece featured above!

Think 2017

Trance meets Chill meets Southern Hip Hop meets 1720 violins and cellos…a unique experience.

And the LA studio sessions…

This album is the result of a partnership with National Geographic for the launch of their new flagship 10 part TV show ‘Genius’, about Albert Einstein, who played his violin every day to help him get into a flow state and find his light bulb creative genius inspiration. Here’s a bus poster – you might have seen the show, it’s a Ron Howard production, so it’s REALLY good!

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