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When “Focus” Is Just a Buzzword

With all the talk about productivity of late, you might feel “focus” is some rarified state achievable only by employing the genius “trick” of a single visionary company or speciality focus app. 

Simultaneously, the sheer wealth of companies, tools, and aforementioned geniuses promising “quick fixes” for focus has created a state of “focus overwhelm failure,” a condition in which you wind up focusing not on the work at hand, but the tools themselves, and you’re frozen for choice, then wind up not making any decision – and fail to work at all. 

Trust us, we’ve tried a lot of these so-called focus-fixes, and we’ve found, surprise, that none of them offers a multipurpose solution that solves all the focus challenges you might encounter (which we’ll outline in our next blog). Employing their various approaches, you’d need to subscribe to three – or 17 – different services just to get anything done. 

We designed focus@will with a multifaceted yet ultimately simple focus fix. Whatever you need to get done, and whenever you need to do it, you just tune in and the music tweaks your nonconscious brain.

It works for 20 minutes or four hours or more for single sittings. And when you use the system consistently, you train your brain to quiet itself and concentrate better. We’ll spare all the science behind this for another blog.

Today, let’s review a few ways you can implement focus@will into your daily routine, and reap the benefits of focus during all hours of the day. 

  • Use focus@will while working 

Simply sit down, choose your channel, and dig into your work. The work won’t always fly by, though sometimes it will, but the focus@will system makes it faster and easier for you to concentrate – the music facilitates and maintains a focused “flow state,” lessening distractions.

  • Use focus@will while exercising 

When you’re at the gym, you’re probably listening to music. But scrolling through your music apps like Spotify or Soundcloud is the definition of distraction. Don’t kid yourself, it saps energy. Finding the right song or playlist in between sets can be a great way to cool-down before the next lift, but if you really want to sink into your workout, little moments of distraction can mean the difference between a good and a great workout. 

  • Use focus@will while meditating 

Some people like to meditate with an app like Headspace; some prefer no sound at all, focusing their mental energy on the sounds around them. All good. But have you tried one of our stations, like Ambient, or Focus Spa, while you meditate? Focus@will is proven to stimulate creative thinking, and that might just be what you need while meditating on that big report coming up. 

  • Use focus@will while doing random tasks 

Just sitting around at home? You might be surprised by the way focus@will works on your productivity outside of work. Put your headphones in and you might Zen-like contentment, maybe even joy, in the little things… like cleaning your toilet and sink. 

  • Use focus@will while sleeping 

We’re working on lots of new developments over here at the focus@will labs, and we’ve got an awesome new app on the horizon that will ensure you sleep soundly. In the meantime, try putting on focus@will at a low volume throughout the night. Your dreams will thank us! 

All in all, however you focus, make sure that you’re optimizing it for YOU. If different focus apps really help you focus, keep at it. But we recommend at least trying something new… maybe to shake things up a bit? Try out our newest app at!

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