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Coworkers’ constant questions, chats in the background, social media lures. How the hell are you supposed to concentrate on the task at hand, especially when that task’s a long term, multipart, and complex problem?

How about music? Check.

How about your favorite music? Nope.

The last thing you want in this distracted state is to be entertained, just another word for distraction. Your music amuses you, holds you. Diverts you.

Focus@Will is not an entertainment channel. Our world-class scientists, musicologists, and producers build each music focus channel based on years of data, research, and study, optimizing those channels to increase listeners’ focus. Our system tracks your usage and dynamically adapts in real time to fit your individual focus needs. The system works in tandem with your brainwave patterns and other neuroscientific variables to dramatically improve your concentration, learning, and retention, regardless of your work type.

We provide a simple, effective, personalized music service, tailored to your breed of brain—one of 10 distinguishable types. Our music’s curated, produced, engineered, and presented with one mission top of mind: Tuning out from the workplace distractions to which your brain type is prone—but without distracting you from your work.

So how does it work?

1.   You fill out a deceptively simple questionnaire with some details about your working habits and personality.

2.   Focus@Will suggests ideal genres and energy levels.

3. You try them out until you find the ones that work best.

4. For each channel, Focus@Will generates a playlist that strikes a careful balance between two components of workplace concentration: distraction and habituation.

5. You program a “focus session,” a period of time you wish to work with peak concentration (we suggest about 100 minutes).

6. You get to work.

7. You’re not gonna love the music, you’re not gonna hate it. You’ll hardly know it’s there. But your brain will. Not just the auditory cortex, but across all neural circuits, including those involved in memory, analysis, and creativity. The music will literally reshape your brain toward an optimal focused state.

8. You won’t notice the subtle transitions between each composition, all of them just different enough from the rest to prevent monotony.

9. If anything about a given piece stands out – either you dig it or it bugs you – you skip it. The program learns from this feedback.

10.   At the end of the session, you rate your productivity, and Focus@will further adapts the next playlist based on your input.

Ready to rethink music and work? It will up your game, and change your life.

Join the Focus@Will movement and disinfect yourself from the virus of distraction.

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