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Your Music Is Dangerous

What if we told you your music is dangerous? At least while you’re trying to work. It ravages your productivity, your efficacy, your sense of mastery.

This radical idea is at the root of a new neuromusical paradigm developed by Focus@Will.

What’s the whole point of popular music? To be catchy. Catchy—like the plague. And catchiness – bopping to the beat, singing along – is great if you’re hiking, exercising, hanging out. But it’s the opposite of what you need at work: Concentration. Attention. When the task at hand requires focus, your beloved “work tunes” are doing you no favors.

Pings. Coworkers. The rabbit hole of the web. All the ambient “noise” of the workplace and beyond. Every sensory detail can quickly and unconsciously turn into a distraction. Compounded, distraction becomes a deadly virus. It kills time, energy, productivity, peace of mind. It steals cash out of your pocket. It threatens mental health. It even takes time off your life by increasing stress among other things.

All these sensory infections prevent us from entering and sustaining the kind of focused state necessary to compete in today’s work environments. So we try to inoculate ourselves under earbuds. We cocoon ourselves in our tunes, to get “in the zone.” Oftentimes, it seems like it’s working. It isn’t—not for most of us. For 7 brain types out of ten, this “cure” makes matters worse.

Why? Well, you’re playing only the music you really like, right? But isn’t that the definition of distraction? If your toe’s tapping or you’re grooving to the lyrics, that brain space is busy—not available to tackle the critical task at hand. Time and again, scientists have proven that multitasking is a myth. “Active” listening to your favorite music while trying to work is the ultimate multitasking assignment. Cut it out.

Are we saying listen to music you despise? That’s obviously just as distracting. Imagine a metal head trying to balance the ledgers to Kenny G., or vice versa.

The solution is some middle ground, which we discovered after much neuroscientific study, millions of bucks, and not a little trial and error. But if the music were too much in the middle ground, then each piece would be so generic you wouldn’t hear it. It would have little effect on the focus-centers of the brain.

So there’s a middle ground to the middle ground, so to speak. That’s where Focus@Will comes in.

We provide a nonstop stream of specially curated- and produced music tracks designed exclusively to improve your focus on the work in front of you. We’re not an entertainment site. Instead, our proprietary music channels work with your particular brain type to increase your efficacy, your sense of mastery, and your overall happiness, whether you’re a programmer, an artist, an office worker: Whatever your “work,” our music will help you do it better.

How do we do this? We provide specific types of music, engineer them specifically, and send them in a specific sequence straight to the old, deep region of your brain, where you hear them passively while you focus on your work. You ready to give it a try?

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