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Check Out These 9 Fantasy Home Offices

Here are nine weird and wonderful home office concepts

9 Fantasy Home Offices that Will Make You Green With Envy

There are many great things about working from home. If you can afford to hire a well-known architect to design a custom workspace, well then, even better!

Unfortunately, most of us can’t. Still, we can dream.

Here are nine weird and wonderful home office concepts

Blob VB3


Designed by Belgian architecture firm dmvA, the Blob VB3 is a mobile unit that can function as an office, guest room, or garden house. The Blob is made from wood and polyester and features a bathroom, kitchen, lighting, a bed, and plenty of storage space. There’s only one problem—when your neighbors see it in the backyard, they’ll think there’s an alien invasion!


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The Archipod is a “luxury garden office” specifically designed for people who like working from home, but are worried about maintaining a healthy work/life balance. By placing an Archipod in your back garden, you can easily compartmentalize your day job—though some may be put off by the fact that it looks like a futuristic coconut.

Tetra Shed

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If you’re looking for a garden office that’s a little more stylish, then look no further than Tetra Shed. This modern, hexagonal structure is made from plywood, and can be customized to your personal needs. The outside can be clad in almost any material, including copper, zinc, or rubber.

The Lens House

Alison Brooks advises @christiesrealestate Magazine’s readers on how best to work with architects to design and build their dream home in The Architecture Issue. In this feature, the potential of both new builds and renovations – in the form of ABA’s Lens House in London – are explored: ‘A home is such a high-performance piece of architecture… People experience their home every single day, and it is tested at all times; it has to live up to this scrutiny. An architect’s skill is to be able to make domestic space, form, and materials work as art, and in ways you would not have thought of yourself, such as inventive approaches to working with light, capturing unexpected views, and creating new relationships – it’s about connecting spaces and people more joyfully.’ To read the full article, visit our website (live link in our bio) where you will find a direct link. More information on Lens House on our website. • Photo credit Jake Fitzjones • #LensHouse #London #jakefitzjones #luxurydefined #Christies #ChristiesHomes #housing #residential #ResidentialArchitecture #homedesign #ModernHome #ModernArchitecture #renovation #Architecture #Architect #ArchitecturalPhotography #trapezoidal #GardenView #BayWindow #ModernBayWindow #RoomWithaView #AlisonBrooks #AlisonBrooksArchitects

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Alison Brooks Architects transformed a derelict nineteenth century house in North London into a modern home and workspace for a successful design publisher. The house features several large trapezoidal extensions with large windows that create a light-filled space with incredible views of a large walnut tree.

48 Foot House


This home in Houston, Texas was designed by Interloop architecture for a young professional family. Built from wood and steel, the first level of the home features office, storage, and work spaces, while the second level contains a kitchen, dining room, and, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. As the name suggests, the house is 48’ long by 24’ wide–perfect for those who like their architecture on the skinny side.

Grange Yard

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This living and working space was designed by London-based Michael Trentham Architects to house their own office, while also able to be used as a residence. Although the space is relatively small, foldaway desks maximize usable space, and large windows give spectacular views of the London skyline.

Secret Underpass Office

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Although not technically a home office, cheeky self-taught designer Fernando Abellanas built this secret studio under a bridge near his home in Valencia, Spain. A shelf, chair and desk are bolted to the wall, while a hand crank moves the base from one side of the bridge to the other along rails. This adult cubby office is definitely not for those with a fear of heights!

Klassnik London Apartment


Suitable for a James Bond villain or eccentric tech entrepreneur, this classy but modern London apartment features a workspace with walnut shelving, concrete columns, and an unusual semi-circle cut-out wall design.

Bloxas Garden Pavillion

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This unusual curved house in Melbourne, Australia was designed specifically for a client with a sleeping disorder. The home allows the owner complete control over how much sound and light is allowed into the space, and features an office with large glass windows that look into a small garden planted with olive and lemon trees. Perfect for those who need absolute silence in order to concentrate!

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