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21 Things Only People Who Work From Home Will Understand

So, if you’ve become a home-office hermit whose only social outlet is your office Slack channel, read on! Here are 21 things only people who work from home will understand.

A recent survey found that 43% of employed Americans say they work from home at least some of the time, a 4% increase since 2012. While it certainly has its perks, those of us who do it know it’s not all unicorns and rainbows. The work-from-home struggle is real!

So, if you’ve become a home-office hermit whose only social outlet is your office Slack channel, read on!

Here are 21 things only people who work from home will understand.

  1.     When you have your first face-to-face meeting in months and realize you’ve forgotten how to socialize.

Your mouth keeps talking, but nothing coming out of it is making any sense.

  1.     When your partner/roommate starts to hate you because you never leave the house.

So what if the couch has magically transformed into your office cubicle?

  1.     Your sick days feel exactly the same as your workdays.

What’s the point of even calling in sick?

  1.     People you know begin to suspect that you’re actually unemployed.

Maybe it is time to suck it up and get a “real job”?

  1.     You procrastinate between each task by showering.
Perhaps a little hot water on your scalp will get the blood flowing to the brain.

  1.     Cable news is your coworker.

Who knew that the comforting lull of the 24 hour news cycle could improve your productivity?

  1.     You procrastinate all morning, then have to work until midnight to catch up.

“Why didn’t I just finish this five hours ago?!”

  1.     “After work drinks” is simply opening a bottle of wine, alone, at five on the dot.

Well, you need something to bring you down off that caffeine/anxiety high…

  1.     You stopped buying new clothes months ago.

Just tilt the camera during video meetings so that stain is out of frame.

10 . You secretly take the whole of Friday afternoon off.

“It’s 2pm already, looks like I’ll have to get this done on Monday.”

  1. Your social life is in a death spiral.

Your friends want you to leave the house, but they just don’t understand how much effort that takes.

  1. You’re out of the loop.

Are you about to get fired? Are you in line for a promotion? Who knows. After all, you only email your boss twice a week.

  1. The food delivery guy has seen you in your pajamas more times than you care to admit.

Nothing wrong with three square pizza meals a day.

  1. You fantasize about waking up at 6am and getting everything done by midday.

But somehow, you never manage to drag yourself out of bed before 8:45.

  1. People act like you can just drop work whenever you like and hang out with them.

Dude, I have a DEADLINE.

  1. Random knocks on the door always freak you out.

Jesus can wait, I’m on a roll right now.

  1. When your partner gets home from work exhausted, you’re ready to go out and party.

C’mon, just one drink. I haven’t left the house for 48 hours!

  1. That one time you decide to work at Starbucks, it’s packed full of noisy teenagers and scriptwriters taking phone calls.

Why do I always wind up at the table next to the bathroom?

  1. The only meaningful conversations you have are with your dog or cat.

No one understands your deep connection.

  1. When you take it a little too easy one week and have to work all weekend.

Why does this keep happening?

  1. That feeling of dread when you open up the fridge at lunchtime and realize it’s completely empty.

An unexpected trip to the grocery store can be truly harrowing.

  1. You lay awake in bed until 3am.

You barely left it all day, what do you expect?

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